Uncertainty Times: “4 Tough Seasons” God Can Always Use to Grow Us

For a lot of years, I ate a steady spiritual diet of testimonies that revolved around miraculous, one-night-everything-changed, victorious testimonies. I love those life stories! 

They are my favorite. But for the most part, I haven’t been called to that kind of walk with Christ (though I have had some very profound provision like manna from heaven!). So, while I praised God for His handiwork in other’s lives, I wondered why He wasn’t working in mine. What was wrong with me that left me outside His touch?

The truth was that nothing was outside His reach. I just simply had a narrow understanding of what His handiwork looked like! He had been working all along but in a different manner! More often, He chose the “grow through, what you go through” method of work inside my heart.

And when I realized this, I was started looking for His hand with expectation when struggles came my way.


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