Religious Wedding: Are You Allowed to “Have Sex” if You’re Engaged?

Whenever someone asks me this question, I know they have the best of intentions. 

I’ve had a number of close friends in my life who fully intended to marry their fiancé or fiancée, but they struggled with the wait-until-you-get-married conviction.

This could’ve owed to the fact that many of them lived together, and so they had a harder time facing that temptation, and others believed that since they’d already committed to a marriage, and didn’t plan on backing out, that waiting an extra year or two for a wedding didn’t make any sense.

With all the love and excitement and hormones rushing around after getting engaged, it can feel like an extra dose of torture knowing that you are so close, and yet so far.

So what happens if we get engaged? Can we have sex if we fully intend to marry this brother and sister in Christ? Or does the wait-until-you-get-married conviction apply in this case?

Know, before we dive into answering this question, that I want to dive into this topic with as much grace and respect as possible. Coming from a limited celibate perspective, I may not have all the answers, and as is the case with many of these articles, you should read Scripture, pray, and consult the advice of a Christian mentor or pastor.

It would also help to consult Christian married couples who have been together for a long period of time and hear about their experiences as well.

But thankfully, God’s opinion about sex before marriage is straightforward. With that in mind, let’s confront this question.

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