Easter Week: What Did Jesus Christ Do “Each Day during Holy Week”?

Dear Roger,

What did Jesus do each day during his last week?
Sincerely, Anna

Dear Anna,

Jesus’ last week began on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday was so named because the people waved palm branches in honor of the Messiah and then laid them down to cushion His ride as Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday also began the most premeditated, calculated week in the life of Christ.

The Gospels are not biographies. Each shares a few words about His birth, one sentence to describe Him from ages 18 to 30, and then concentrates two-thirds of their content on a short 3½ years. The final third of every Gospel deals with one week in the life of Christ.

I want to take us on a journey through the last week in Jesus’ life, so I have listed the major activities on each day.


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